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Mobile Home Parks Now Allowing RVs

There used to be a drastic difference between a mobile home and an RV. However, in recent years, the lines between the two categories have become more blurred. Although mobile homes are still a more permanent version of housing, some mobile home parks are now allowing in RVs with RV skirting.

If you are a full-time family seeking a more extended stay in your vacation areas, you may want to consider the low monthly cost of a mobile home park. However, there are a few stark differences you should understand:

Property Differences

If you think you may want to stay in a mobile home park, there are a few differences you should be aware of, including:

  1. Management is probably more available in mobile home properties;
  2. Mobile home parks are harder to navigate;
  3. There is a court process necessary to be kicked off of the mobile home property for nonpayment; and
  4. Utilities are paid by what each individual uses in a mobile home park.

Vehicle Requirements

Each mobile home park is bound to federal, state, and local legislation. Additionally, each park generally has its own guidelines as to what is and is not acceptable behavior within the park, which is typically enforced by the on-site management. Regulations can include various items, such as:

  • No livestock permitted;
  • Grills must be kept a certain distance from the homes; and
  • Homes must have a skirt.

Why a Skirt is Important

Even if your park does not require the installation of an RV skirt, many do prefer the sleek and uniform appearance of having one. Not only that but especially for long-term stays, a skirt is beneficial to protect your tires from the wear and tear of the elements. Tires are not intended to sit stagnant for long durations, and the durable barrier will help reduce some of the impacts of the weather. Finally, an RV skirt is helpful to maintain a comfortable temperature within your rig. Heat and air conditioning escape through the floorboards of your RV; trap it in with the use of a durable and attractive RV skirt.

Contact a Professional

If your mobile home park prefers the appearance of a skirt, contact a skilled RV Skirting professional. The creators of RV Skirting Pros are here to help. Our skirt is unlike any other on the market. Not only is it easy enough for self-installation, but it is also cost-effective and folds up nicely when you are ready to get on the road. Our products are made to last. Find out more about our differences or have us install it for you by calling our office at (574) 402-0055 today.


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