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Our own full-time RV adventures inspire our travel resources and RV skirting products. One of the best things about life on the road is meeting and forming lasting relationships with other full-time and part-time RVers and transient workers. Traveling and conversations around campfires (and several stories of RV skirting alternative mishaps) ultimately lead us to create our own insulated RV skirting.

"The R-Skirt" is the only RV and tiny home skirt on the market with a true R-7 insulation value, which means you can get cozy and stay cozy in your home all winter long. The R-Skirt is available for fifth wheels, travel trailers, and campers, and we've expanded our line to include tiny house skirting. We also have options available to have someone install it for you and DIY skirting kits that make it easy to install and remove yourself. Our mission is to help you and your family stay cozy wherever you may go.

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Hello! We are the Reed family—Joe and Kayla, and our children Connor, Kora, and Emma.

We were a full-time family living in our RV for several years until recently, when we put down roots in Akron, Indiana— the crossroads of America. Here, we can watch our children (and our farm) grow while staying connected with the RV community. Indiana is a very RV-friendly state. In fact, most RVs are made right here, and the RV Hall of Fame is in Elkhart, IN. So after nearly five years of RV life, we found the place we wanted to grow.

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The Beginning of RV Skirting Pros

But, our skirting journey began while we were on the road. In 2016, we sold everything, bought a 2017 Forest River Sandpiper 5th Wheel and became a stationary full-time RV family in Illinois at the time. Our family faced many challenges during the first year, including anxiously researching how to prevent our pipes from freezing during sub-zero Illinois winters. We were shocked by the high fuel cost to keep our family warm and the few options we had for quality 5th wheel skirting. 

We ordered skirting material and installed it ourselves, which meant measuring the unit, punching grommets, screwing turn buttons into the side of the unit, and spending an entire weekend installing the skirting. The whole time, we held our breath and prayed that the skirting was installed the right way.

It worked exactly as we hoped. Our RV got warm and stayed warm all winter long. It wasn't long before the neighboring campers brought up our skirting in conversation and began asking for various skirting options of The R-Skirt, fifth wheel, travel trailer and small camper skirting.

It was immediately apparent that there was a need for this type of service and we wanted to do something that would help take care of our RV community. We quickly saw how costly it is for most people to travel to get skirting installed or time-consuming it is to make and install their own custom skirting, despite how necessary it is. We knew there had to be an easier way to stay cozy in cold weather. So we took a leap of faith in 2017 and started The Skirting Company (formerly known as RV Skirting Pros). 

We listened to you, the RV community, and came up with something that all full-time RV'ers can install themselves and get years of use without the high cost.

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From Our Family to Yours

Our RV life inspired us to create resources and products for other full-timers, including families, travelers, and workers. One of our favorite things about meeting full-time RV'ers is chatting and learning about your needs and pulling from our own experience to create sustainable, quality RV skirting. But it is so much more than that.

We are not here to just sell you a product. As diehard members of the full-time family community, we are committed to its well-being, safety, and future. We want people to enjoy their RV and tiny house lifestyles, including staying warm, keeping costs down, and preserving your property and its value.

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We love the RV life, and we hope you can, too! We developed The R-Skirt and the DIY RV skirting kits to keep our own family warm and safe and to protect our investment, business, children's school, and home—our RV. We want to help you do the same for your family.

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