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Tips for Staying Warm in your RV in the Winter

It is no secret that winter provides a different scenery than summer for RV families. Sure, summer comes with its own unique beauty, but there is something special about snow covered and quiet campgrounds. If you have ever thought of taking a winter vacation, you likely have wondered how to stay warm inside your RV. If you haven’t yet, you will as soon as the first cold night hits. Even if you are fond of cooler nighttime temperatures, eventually, it will become too cold inside your camper without the proper preparation.

Try these tips and tricks that other families use to maintain a comfortable temperature all winter long:

Pack Extra Heat Sources

In winter, it often gets cold enough to need a secondary heat source to use in addition to a well-maintained RV furnace. Open-element space heaters are dangerous, especially in RVs, and therefore should be avoided whenever possible. Safer sources of heat include:

  • Ceramic space heater;
  • Oil-filled electric heaters;
  • Catalytic safety heaters; and
  • Electric blankets.

Trap in the Heat

Although some RV’s come with additional thermal packages with extra insulation, it isn’t enough to fight the frigid winter temperatures. Without a few extra measures, the heat produced inside will leak out to try to heat the outside, too. You will want to make sure you aren’t letting heat escape.

Always maintain fresh weather stripping around your doors and plug other air leaks in your vehicle. The rubber seals and gaskets around windows, doors, and slides should also be properly maintained, and replaced when they begin cracking. You can also add an additional layer of insulation behind light switch plates and outlet covers.

Finally, accessorize wherever possible. Dress your windows with thermal curtains and shades. You can even throw down a thick rug for an additional layer of warmth under your feet.

Get an RV Skirt

One investment that you should not live without during winter is an RV skirt. Yes, you can reduce draft by packing snow around the RV bays under your rig, but who wants the extra work and frozen fingers? Plus, don’t forget the added hassle of digging yourself out when it is time to head down the road?

An RV skirt blocks drafts and keeps the battery bays, plumbing, and other vital components warm. Maybe your RV came with a heated underside and heated tanks, both of which, admittedly, are really nice additions. However, you will still want to use a skirt because it keeps the space under your RV warmer, reducing pressure on the heater to perform and further reducing the risk of frozen pipes.

Ask Us!

Winter travels are unlike any other experience you’ll have, but you will want to plan ahead to avoid complications. Are you considering an RV skirt to keep you and your family warm this winter? At RV Skirting Pros, we proudly stand by our product. Our RV skirting is not only easy to install, but it is also long-lasting and easy on your wallet. We will even install it for you! Call our office today at (574) 402-0055 to find out how we can help.



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