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Your Skirting Questions— Answered

Are you new to being a full-time RV family? Or, are you looking for ways to optimize your tiny home life? We're here to help you navigate RV and tiny house ownership by helping you save on utilities, protect your property, and keep your family safe—and to be your trusted partner in small space living. The FAQs below should answer most questions you may have, and our online community is an excellent resource for full-time RV families to bond and share tips. In addition, you can find more valuable skirting and tiny living resources on our blog page.

If you cannot find what you're looking for and still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us! We appreciate hearing from you and the opportunity to serve you better.

General Questions

Q: Why do I need skirting?

No matter which state you live in, a skirt can protect your investment from the elements and your wallet from exorbitant fuel costs associated with heating and cooling. Yes, even in the south. The space under your home is prone to allowing heat escape (and cold air to come in), so all homes will see a marked improvement during colder months.

If you live in an area where pipes can freeze, insulated tiny home skirting or insulated RV skirting can prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting during cold weather and save money on fuel to heat. Our customers tell us they save at least 50% on propane bills.

But, skirting can do more than save quite a bit on energy costs. The same insulated skirting for winter can also be used year-round. Just as heat escapes through your floor during the winter, air conditioning escapes during the summer. So, leave your skirting on year-round for maximum energy efficiency. Our non-insulated wind skirt also protects your investment from the wind, sun, and more in the summer. As a bonus, the underpinning provides extra storage for your larger outdoor toys without looking cluttered.

More about why skirting is helpful

Q: What type of RVs do you skirt?

We currently have a variety of RV skirting solutions available. Our options include:
  • Fifth Wheel Skirting
  • Travel Trailer Skirting/Bumper Pull Skirting
  • Cargo Trailer Skirting

Although we started out as RV Skirting Pros, we have expanded to include a tiny house skirting option. We also offer tiny house skirting to accommodate more tiny living lifestyles!

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Q: Do you skirt tiny homes?

Yes! We have worked with both homeowners and tiny home manufacturers to create custom insulated skirting for tiny houses. We also have non-insulated, tiny home wind skirts available. 

More About Tiny Home Skirting

Q: What color options are available?

We currently offer our standard non-insulated wind skirt in black.

Our insulated skirting is available in black or white. We used to offer other color options, but they rarely sold.

Q: When is the best time of year to purchase skirting?

We recommend scheduling an installation in warmer months to beat the rush and avoid weather delays.

We can make custom RV skirting and tiny home skirting for you anytime. We produce them here in the USA all year long! March-July is the best time for the quickest RV skirt because it's warm, so there isn't a rush of families trying to get and stay warm for winter camping. Our peak season is August-February, especially when the temperatures dip. During the winter months, EVERYONE wants a skirt (and wants it NOW)! Unfortunately, sometimes the pipes are already frozen at that time of the year with no way to unthaw them except wait for warmer temperatures.

We also cannot install The R-Skirt in the rain or heavy snow. So, unfortunately, your RV and tiny home skirting install date will have to be rescheduled in case of inclement weather. So avoid the rush and order early!

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Q: Who makes the best tiny home and RV skirting?

We hope that it is us! We put a lot of time and effort into our system while keeping it simple to install for those DIYers. As a result, our insulated RV skirting and tiny home skirting is durable, affordable, and the only one on the market with R-7 insulation value with materials that withstand temperatures to -40º. In addition, we constantly use customer input to refine our system, keeping it the best skirting system on the market.

Our RV Skirting

Our Tiny Home Skirting

Q: Should I choose the DIY skirting kit or have the skirting installed?

Honestly, this is a question that only you can answer! But, here are a few things to think about.

Go with the DIY skirting kit if you are in a time crunch, out of our service radius, and capable of basic handyman skills. We created The R-Skirt Skirting System to be installed using only basic tools that you have around the house. We've also created a step-by-step installation guide to help. You can find that here:

Tools required (not included): Paper towels, a pencil, scissors, a straight edge, and a screw gun.

If you'd prefer to have it installed, we're happy to help or connect you with someone who can. Unfortunately, during our peak season, we have limited installation availability from August to February. However, we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs.

**Installation options are available only to customers who visit us in Akron, Indiana, or who live within a 200-mile radius.**

See the Installation Guide

Q: Why does 5th wheel skirting cost more?

The cost for 5th wheel skirting is typically higher than its travel trailer skirting or camper skirting counterparts simply because of the size. A 5th wheel is larger, and the actual fifth wheel panel is a lot of material (25′ x 10′). This panel covers the entire hitch section of your 5th wheel unit. We highly recommend enclosing the hitch area for maximum efficacy because an exposed hitch cools down the entire frame of your camper. 

Q: Why is the skirt loose fitting?

We don't make our skirts super tight because they need to be a little loose. Skirting material can shrink and stretch depending on the weather so it needs to stay flexible throughout the season changes.

Q: What if I didn't receive enough panels?

If you didn't receive enough panels, one of two things happened. Either something went wrong during the measurement process, or we've made a mistake. We are all human.

Please give us a call at 574-402-0055, and if we didn't send you the correct number of panels you ordered, we apologize and will ship the missing panel immediately at no additional cost to you!

However, if you provided us with an incorrect measurement, you will have the option to purchase the additional panels at retail cost (plus the cost of shipping).

Q: My skirting was damaged upon arrival.

We take extreme care in properly manufacturing and packaging our products for shipment. If merchandise is damaged or lost by the transportation companies, you can refer to the "Damaged or Lost Orders" section in our TERMS & CONDITIONS.

Q: I just texted you… AND you use a cell phone as a business phone?! Are you a real business?

Yes, we are real! We've been around since 2017 and have countless happy customers.

Our tiny living community is important to us. We understand that many of you are lineman, travel nurses and other transient workers with LONG hours, six days a week. We also know that travel days for RV families often don't follow a predictable schedule. So we try to answer the phone when you call, because who knows what the rest of your day looks like and phone tag wears out quickly for everyone.

We are also a homeschooling family of five with a family-owned and operated business, and we are always on the go. Sometimes, we travel to install skirting!

We transitioned from a standard office phone to our cell phone years ago to facilitate and make communication smoother. Cell phones allow us to answer faster and shorten response times.

And, in the ever-changing world of cell phone technology, it seems that more and more people prefer to just text. So, to make communication easy for all walks of life and all schedules, we offer both texting and phone call options (on our cell phones).

Text us at 574-402-0055

Q: Why didn't you answer the phone right away?

We're more than just business owners. We are a family of five that homeschool when we are not manufacturing and installing skirting. Sometimes we aren't immediately by our phones, but we promise to return your call promptly.

If you're in a hurry, texting us at 574-402-0055 will often get a quicker response. We've created this website as a source of information to answer many of your questions. We appreciate your interest and are more than happy to answer any questions you might have. In the meantime, please check out the individual product pages and our other available resources.

Shipping & Installation

Q: Do you need to do a "fitting" before skirting installation?

We do not need to do a preliminary fitting before purchase or installation.

The only information we need to create a custom RV skirt is:

  • The type of RV you have (5th wheel, travel trailer or tiny home)
  • The length of your RV*
  • The number of slides that will be skirted
  • If you prefer insulated RV skirting or standard, non-insulated wind skirting
  • Whether you’d prefer the DIY Skirting Kit or to have your purchase professionally installed

*If you have a 5th wheel, we need the length excluding the hitch area and the slides that are in the upper section.

Q: How long will it take for my skirting to arrive?

We usually require 2-3 weeks of processing time, but it can be longer during our busy season (August-February). You will be notified when your skirting and DIY skirting install kit ship. If you are scheduled for an install, we stay in contact to plan and provide updates for the expected time of our arrival.

Q: How many pieces will my skirting be in?

Unfortunately, we can't say exactly until the installation process is complete.

We currently offer 8′ sections, and those may need to be cut down (custom to your trailer). When it is in storage, the non-insulated RV wind skirt will fold up and fit into a 20x20x20 size box – even for a larger fifth wheel. The insulated RV skirting fits in two 25x25x25 size boxes for a larger 5th wheel.

Q: Will you come to install it for me?

Yes! We can travel to customers within 200 miles of Akron, Indiana. If you are outside of our service area, we may be able to make special arrangements if multiple customers are in one location.

Are You In Our Service Radius? Find Out!

Q: How much does it cost for you to come to me?

This will depend on if you have a fifth wheel or bumper pull and if you are getting insulated or standard skirting. You can see our pricing right here.

Q: What do I do if I need skirting, but I'm outside of the installation radius?

If you are outside our delivery radius, we recommend a self-install or contacting one of our trusted RV Techs.

Unless you add the installation option, each skirt comes with a complimentary R-Skirt DIY skirting installation kit. By design, our skirting is a durable, affordable, and simple solution that is easy to install, using only a basic set of tools. We've created a step-by-step installation guide to help.

Our skirting installation kit includes heavy-duty vinyl skirting panels, a Keder track with 3M adhesive, cleaning and primer agents, track cutters, snaps, snap tools, velcro, etc.

Tools required (not included): Paper towels, a pencil, scissors, a straight edge, and a screw gun.

If you need additional help, many of our customers have hired family, friends, RV technicians and RV maintenance shops to perform the installation.

See Our Recommended RV Tech List

Q: Can we bring our RV to you for RV skirting installation?

If you're on the road and happen to be in the area, you can bring your RV to our lot in Akron, Indiana. We can install your RV skirting there. Get here early, so we can try to have it installed before the end of the day.

If we can't work with you on that day, we're happy to recommend excellent campground accommodations nearby.

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Q: I ordered my kit and installation from Joe and Kayla specifically. Will they be the ones to install my skirting?

We love meeting members of the RV and tiny home community! It's the best part of what we do! Of course, we would love to be the ones to install every unit. However, we may sometimes need to send one of our highly trained and trusted installers.


Q: Will I be able to access my storage compartments with RV skirting?

Yes! Our RV skirting goes low under the cargo doors to give you easy access to your storage. However, there are some RVs onto which we cannot fit our track below the cargo doors. In this case, we will often install a screw snap instead to allow for the use of your storage compartment.

Q: Is there access under my 5th wheel?

Yes! We split the track in the fifth wheel section into three parts allowing you to simply slide the panel off to the side and walk under your camper. When you are done, slide it back on and secure it. We do not use zippers or create an access door.

Q: Will I still have access to my sewage?

We recommend you run as much plumbing as you can under the skirting and then run it out where the panels connect (if possible). Then, you would drape the skirting material over your sewage lines.

We don't create direct access to dump valves, but we try to land a nearby panel connection. Sometimes, this can be challenging because of their placement and spacing.


Q: What are the materials used in The R-Skirt Skirting System?

Our skirting canvas is flame retardant, UV-protected and mold and mildew resistant 18 oz, 22 mm PVC-coated durable vinyl.

The insulated skirting option is made of the same material as the non-insulated wind skirt, but it is six layers thick, four of which are durable foam pieces. It is the only skirt that provides an insulation value of R-7. In addition, we are the only tiny home or RV skirting manufacturer in the market to offer insulated RV skirting with an R-value with a temperature rating of -2ºF to -11ºF. Our materials can withstand temperatures to -40ºF.

If we can't work with you on that day, we're happy to recommend excellent campground accommodations nearby.

Learn About R-Values and Why They Matter

Q: Do you make insulated skirting?

Yes! In addition to our Standard Skirt, we also have an insulated version, known as The R-Skirt.

The insulated skirting option is made of the same heavy-duty vinyl material as the non-insulated wind skirt, but it is six layers thick, four of which are durable foam pieces protecting you from winter's cold winds. It is the only skirt that provides an insulation value of R-7. We are the only tiny home or RV skirting manufacturer in the market to offer insulated RV skirting with an R-value with a true temperature rating of -2ºF to -11ºF. Our materials can withstand temperatures to -40ºF. Our RV skirting for winter is made to keep you warm no matter where you go.

Please select the insulated version at checkout.

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Q: What does the Keder track system look like?

Our skirting system uses a Keder track system, also known as an awning track. This PVC track makes it easy to cut to the desired length to fit around doors and slides. We ship this track to you in 7'5" strips, with the 3M VHB tape pre-applied to the back.

We don't send you just a 110' roll of material to deal with. We do all of the prep work for you to make installation a breeze. We size the roll of 18 oz PVC-coated vinyl to 8' long by 60″ tall panels. A PVC Keder cord is center-sewn into the canvas so the panel slides right into the track after the initial install. Then, each panel cleanly connects together using a high-quality velcro material.

You'll have the Keder track system with the VHB tape already pre-applied out of the box. Plus, your heavy-duty vinyl skirting panel with a sewn-in Keder cord will be cut into manageable 8' sections.

We HIGHLY recommend screwing the track on every 2'. This is how we do it during installation, and we can send you the screws along with The R-Skirt RV skirting kit. The screws will also come with the tiny home skirting kit.

See the Installation GUide

Q: What is Included?

Our skirting installation kit includes heavy-duty vinyl skirting panels, a Keder track with 3M adhesive, cleaning and primer agents, track cutters, snaps, snap tools, velcro, etc.

Tools Required (not included): a pencil, scissors, straight edge, paper towel and a screw gun.

Q: How is The R-Skirt Skirting System secured?

No one enjoys drilling holes into the exterior facade of their RV or tiny home.

Then, there was that one time that we tried an alternative skirting when we first were starting as an RV family. But, unfortunately, when we went to trade our fifth wheel, the dealership was not a fan of the turn buttons we installed every 12 inches.

That was the moment that sparked the journey. We needed an option to stay warm without ruining our investment. The R-Skirt Skirting System track attaches to your tiny home or RV using 3M's VHB tape. Then, we place the screws every 2-3 feet instead of every 12 inches.*

*If there are areas on your camper where the track cannot adhere to maintain the functionality of your investment, we install screw snaps, like on your slideout sidewalls.

Q: What makes The R-Skirt different?

The R-Skirt insulated skirting for winter is the only one on the market to feature R-7 insulation value, or any R-value at all! In addition, the insulated R-Skirt is the only skirting on the market with a proper temperature rating of -2º to -11º F, although our materials can withstand temperatures of -40º. Create a durable shield against the cold with six layers of insulating material quilted together. The R-Skirt keeps you cozy wherever the road takes you.

Both of our skirting options require fewer holes in your camper. When it comes to your home, the fewer buttons and holes in the RV— the better! We learned the hard way with our dealership that installing buttons every 12 inches can void the warranty.* Our RV skirting track system requires only five screws across an 8' section of track. Also, there are lots of gaps for warm air to escape in the turn-button system. Although you want some airflow, The R-Skirt skirting track system keeps more of the heat in.

There really wasn't a suitable skirting solution available, so we created one with all of the features we were looking for.

*We recommend contacting your warranty provider before adding skirting to ensure coverage.

Explore RV Skirting

Explore Tiny Home Skirting

Q: Do you use snaps or turn buttons at all?

We do use snaps in certain sections, only where it is necessary for your RV features to function. For example, the slideout sidewalls will not go in and out with turn buttons or the track installed. Snaps are small enough to allow your slideouts to function as they should, without destroying the seals. There are a few other places where we may have to put a snap (but we do this sparingly).

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Q: Why not just use wood or styrofoam?

While wood might have a better insulation value, look at its time to put it up. Now consider taking it apart and moving it. How do you haul it with you? And you will more than likely need to buy new material when you move because the ground levels will not be the same at your new location.

Our skirting is designed to be put up and taken down in about 15-20 minutes after the first installation. It is also designed for uneven locations, and it packs away much smaller and lighter than other materials.

Q: How much space will it take up when not in use?

The non-insulated RV skirt will fold up and fit into a 20x20x20 size box for storage, even for a larger fifth wheel. The insulated RV skirting could fit in two 25x25x25 size boxes for a larger 5th wheel.


Q: Do you take checks?

We will take checks at the time of your order, but your order will not be processed until the check has cleared. This may result in shipping and installation scheduling delays for your RV or tiny home skirting.

Q: Do you take payment installations/payment plans?

We realize that rv skirting is an investment. We partnered with Affirm in order to offer financing options. The terms and conditions are based off of your credit score with no guarantees. 

Q: Do you give discounts?

We offer free shipping every day! We believe in transparent pricing. When you use our Skirting Store and shop for your specific product, you see your final price.

The best way to stay up to date on our offers and discount is to follow us on Facebook or sign-up for updates in our newsletter.

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Q: Do you warranty your skirts?

We stand behind our work quality and manufacture using only durable, heavy-duty, military-grade protective RV skirting materials. Our product is made to keep you warm wherever you go for years to come.

Skipped or missing stitches is actually pretty normal, the quilter runs out of shuttle bobbins and stops stitching. This happens every 75 ft and sadly there is no going back to do it again. We watch it very closely, but sometimes it may go longer than we'd like. The quilting lines are there to help support the layers of foam, missing a few will not cause an issue. In several applications none are used or with a lot less.  

We will take care of you if any issues result during any RV Skirting Pros professional installation. We do not guarantee or cover any damage or replace parts or materials if something happens as a result of third-party installation. Replacement materials may be purchased separately plus the cost of shipping.

The skirting panels are not warrantied against any damage that you may incur after the panels are installed and ready to go. If something does happen after the installation, just send us pictures of the problem. We may ask you to ship us the skirt piece along with a pre-paid return shipping label for any major repair. If you'd like to make a repair yourself, HH-66 glue on Amazon is an excellent solution for minor repairs or holes.

If something happens to the track, measure it and call us at 574-402-0055.

See the full details of our return policy below.

Q: What is your return/cancellation policy?

For the R-Skirt DIY installation kits:
You must cancel within three days of receiving the product. In the event of a return, you are responsible for shipping costs back to us. In addition, your purchase must be returned in the same package it was delivered in, uncut, unused, and clean.

When your return arrives, we will issue your refund less a 15% restocking charge and transaction fee.

Before returning any product, please get in touch with us. All shipping and brokerage fees, including duties and customs fees, are the customer's responsibility.

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For R-Skirt installation:
Orders for custom RV skirting installation cannot be refunded once the installation has begun.

You need to cancel at least three days before the installation appointment by contacting our Customer Service Department. We will issue your refund, less a 15% cancellation fee and transaction fee.

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