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Tips for Choosing the Best Truck for Your Fifth Wheel

While a smaller car or minivan is perfectly capable of towing a pop-up camper and other small trailers, a fifth-wheel RV is both larger and heavier than its counterparts, requiring a pickup truck and a special hitch. It is vital for your safety and the longevity of your RV investment to have an appropriate vehicle to tow your fifth wheel. Without having the right vehicle, you are at risk for engine failure, tire blowouts, loss of control, and a multitude of mechanical failures. Follow these tips to set up for RVing success:

Diesel vs. Gas

Although many people initially balk at the price of diesel gas, what many people do not realize is that diesel actually has better fuel efficiency. Diesel engines not only consistently earn more miles per tank of gas, but also because of the way the fuel breaks down, it provides more torque, an essential quality in pulling heavy vehicles. If you plan on pulling an RV, a diesel engine is the better option.

Short Bed vs. Long Bed

Some people prefer to have a short-bed pickup truck for a daily driver; the short length offers hauling capabilities without making parking options difficult. However, if you plan to pull a fifth-wheel trailer, a long-bed pickup truck is the more sensible option, unless you plan to install a special hitch; otherwise, you risk the RV colliding with the cab of your pickup. Additionally, with a long-bed pickup truck, you have the option to install a toolbox for your repairs, a bonus when space is limited in your RV.

Towing Capacity

Find out how much your RV weighs and be sure that your truck’s towing capacity can sufficiently handle not only the weight of the RV but also everything inside of the RV and the weight of the people inside of the truck. If you overload your vehicle, you can:

  • Overheat the engine;
  • Put an unnecessary strain on the vehicle; and
  • Risk insurance not paying in an accident.

Ask Someone With Experience

At RV Skirting Pros, we do more than just manufacture high-quality RV skirting, we are a former full-time RV family, so we have first-hand experience with life on the road. Our mission is to help other families create fun memories and experience adventure together. We hope you were able to take away valuable information from this article. If you have RV-related questions, feel free to ask us on our Facebook group or call us at 574-402-0055.


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