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Space-Saving Tips for Living in a Camper

No matter which RV you choose, you’ll have to come to terms with downsizing some of your “stuff” if you want to consider full-time RV living. Many of the best of us fall into the habit of accumulating “things” when we settle into a traditional stationary home. It makes sense; you want tools to make necessary home repairs, storage space for all of the toys, and, of course, garage space for the holiday decorations and outdoor gear. Some of us even acquire so many possessions that we need to have a shed out back and a storage unit.

When you choose life on the road, you trade possessions for memories and adventures. That doesn’t mean you will live with only the shirt on your back, although some choose that alternative, you will need to consider not only the space available in your vehicle but also the weight rating. Here are some of our favorite tips for saving space in your RV, including clever uses for your RV skirt.

All-In-One Kitchen Gadgets

If your goal is to save money on the road, you will want to consider cooking most meals at home, rather than eating out. For instance, an all-in-one hand blender saves space and allows you to puree smoothies or process foods. There are a few that also come with a whisk attachment for additional convenience. Another favorite is the Insta-Pot. It has 11 different functions, eliminating the need for several other kitchen gadgets.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are probably the most versatile glasses on the market. You can use them for food storage, all glassware, tea lights, soap containers, and more. And they are typically sturdy enough to stand the bouncing around during travel days. Fill a shelf for endless uses.

Over-the-Door Organizer

Door organizers are a fantastic way to store bathroom items, shoes, kitchen necessities, and more. They hook over the top of most doors with metal hooks. If you are concerned about scratching the surface, put a small piece of paper towel or padding on either side.

Collapsible and Stackable Items

When there is a space-saving option, use it.  Examples include stackable bowls and measuring cups, collapsible colanders, foldable drawer organizers, and laundry hampers. Take advantage of the items that have space-saving options.

Vacuum Space-Saving Bags

Winter is coming, and you will want to have blankets and jackets on hand when it does. Store those bulky, out-of-season items with space-saver bags. Simply attach a vacuum nozzle and remove the air to condense the pile.

RV Skirting

Many travelers enjoy the adventure of the great outdoors which may include bicycles, kayaks, canoes, grills, and camping chairs. While driving, these items may be stored inside the vehicle, but when you are parked, the space under the RV can be valuable square footage for stowing these bulky items. RV skirting can help to conceal these items from public view. Be warned, do this only in areas where you feel comfortable. Most travelers are respectful of other people’s items, but you can never be too careful.

Ask Someone With Experience

As a fellow full-time family, we understand the struggles of life on the road.  That’s why we created an RV Skirt unlike any other. Our skirting system installs easily for those who want to DIY, or we will install it for you. It is also easily removable and folds up for easy transportation and storage while not in use. Find out what makes our product different with a knowledgeable and experienced RV Skirting representative. Call us today at 574-402-0055.


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