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How Does An RV Skirt Save You Money?

How Does an RV Skirt Save You Money?

Just as with any form of living, RV living also has the cost of heating and cooling in addition to typical home upkeep costs. Those travelers who enjoy the exploration of exotic places, snow in the winter and other extreme temperatures are encouraged to test the insulation of their living arrangements and regularly perform proper winter maintenance. An invaluable, cost-saving solution that both winterizes your pipes and keeps you warmer in the winters is RV Skirting. Learn how your investment can save you money!

Keeping Your Heating Costs Lower

When you went on the road, you likely anticipated that living costs would be significantly lower than living in a “sticks and bricks” home. Then, cold arrived and the reality of winter living set in. Yes, you are still avoiding the payment of a mortgage and all that goes along with that lifestyle, but the cost of heating an RV all winter is often mind-blowing. One month of propane in the winter can add up to hundreds of dollars!

The truth is, although your RV may be well insulated throughout the walls, windows, and doors, there is a large gap underneath your living space allowing heat to escape and cold to set in. Anyone that has ever driven behind a semi has experienced the draft that can come from the underside of a vehicle. Your camper works to fight that cold draft all winter long.

An RV skirt serves as a sturdy barrier to block the wind and trap the heat in, maintaining a warmer temperature in the space underneath your vehicle.

Based on our research, we have personally experienced at least a 15-degree difference between the area under the RV and the temperature outside, while using our RV skirt. We further rejoiced when we discovered that we were no longer paying the cost to fight that cold draft anymore.  

Once we added the skirting, our kids stayed warmer, and our expenses stayed manageable, it was a win-win! We could finally give our space heaters a rest.

Preventing Burst Pipes

If you turned on the water in the sink but suddenly find it all over the floor, it is likely that you have burst a pipe. Tanks and pipes can burst during extreme cold and freezing temperatures. The lines in your RV are made of plastic and copper. When the water inside your pipes freezes, it expands, which splits your piping.

A repair shop can fix it for you, or it is also a DIY project you can do, even on the side of the road, if necessary. If you are lucky enough to have caught the freeze before they burst, you can thaw them too. We have seen people with hair dryers thawing pipes. No fun!

Luckily, an RV skirt can prevent the hassle, time, and overall cost of thawing and replacing your pipes, or worse, replacing an entire tank. The protective barrier keeps the underside of your vehicle approximately 15 degrees warmer than the outside temperature when applied correctly. This temperature difference reduces the likelihood of a freeze, saving you money — and a headache — in the long run.

Still Have Questions?

Although we would love to offer you an exact amount of the savings you can expect from the purchase of RV skirting, it would be nearly impossible to do so. Every rig is different as is everyone’s lifestyle, location, and their daily needs.

However, we can tell you, without a doubt, that we are warmer in the winter and have experienced a significant reduction in our heating costs and maintenance bills. Additionally, we love that our skirting costs less than our competitors, attaches easily with our DIY system and does not require drilling holes into your investment.

If you have questions about how you can save money with RV skirting, or regarding the other unique features of our product, we would love to chat! Call RV Skirting Pros today at (574) 402-0055.




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