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Best Practices to Protect Your RV From the Summer Elements

An RV is one of the most substantial investments most families make in the United States today, generally costing somewhere between a home and a car. Just as your home and your daily driver require proper upkeep and maintenance to keep it looking and performing its best, so does your RV. Find out the best methods for protecting your RV in all elements and how RV skirting helps.

Protecting the Roof

Some RV roofs are made of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber, a synthetic rubber manufactured to withstand the elements; others are made with a form of plastic, aluminum, or fiberglass. Although most of these materials are created and intended to last for many years, the joints and seals were not. Over time, the waterproof seal deteriorates, creating leaks and untold damage inside of your investment. Defending against the elements with an RV cover will slow the wearing process, extending the life of these seals. Although many people opt to use a relatively inexpensive tarp instead of an RV cover, this is not a great idea because tarps do not provide UV protection, and their abrasive surfaces scuff and wear on the exterior of the RV, causing extensive cosmetic damage.

Protecting the Tires

Let’s have a moment of silence for all of the tires that have been lost over time due to Mother Nature’s harsh elements. We have seen many tires with good tread and minimal use become unusable after sitting for an extended period. Tires are essential to the usability and safety of the vehicle, and therefore it is vital to protect them so they last longer. Consider these options:

  • Park on a hard surface, such as concrete or wood. If a concrete pad is not available, park on concrete garden pavers. Do not allow any portion of the tire to overlap the edge of the surface, as the uneven surface can cause irreparable internal damage.
  • Cover the tires with a protective barrier. Although there are tire covers specially designed for your RV tires, an RV skirt will protect the entire undercarriage of the RV, creating a barrier to protect the tires, trapping in the precious air conditioning that would otherwise be lost from the floor of your vehicle, and offering additional storage space for recreational toys. In the winter, RV skirting also traps heat to keep your pipes from freezing and your family warm.

Ask a friendly RV Skirting Representative

At The Skirting Company, we are a former full-time RV family. We understand the frustration of replacing tires and repairing leaky roofs. Our one-of-a-kind RV skirt performs multiple essential tasks, making life on the road more enjoyable. Find out what makes our R-Skirt different by speaking to an RV Skirting representative who understands what full-time families need. Call us today at 574-402-0055 to find out more.


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