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Why R-Values Matter More Than Temperature Ratings in RV Skirting

As a former Fulltime RV Family, I know the importance of comfort and energy efficiency during adventures on the road. RV skirting plays a crucial role in maintaining a comfortable interior temperature and protecting your camper from the winter elements. When considering skirting options, it’s essential to understand the significance of R-values over temperature ratings. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the differences between R-values and temperature ratings in RV skirting and why R-values matter more for optimizing your mobile home’s energy efficiency. Let’s dive in!

Understanding R-Values and Temperature Ratings

R-Values: R-value is a measure of a material’s thermal resistance, indicating how effectively it resists heat transfer. Higher R-values signify better insulation properties, as the material can reduce heat flow more effectively. In the context of RV skirting, a higher R-value means improved energy efficiency, as it helps retain heat during colder weather and prevents excessive heat gain in warmer conditions.

Temperature Ratings: Temperature ratings, on the other hand, provide an indication of the temperature range within which the skirting material is designed to perform optimally. However, temperature ratings alone do not account for how well the material insulates or retains heat. Don’t be deceived when a company is advertising their RV skirting is rated for -40 temperatures. All this means is that the material can withstand those temperatures before it starts to crack and break down.

The Importance of R-Values in RV Skirting

Energy Efficiency: Opting for RV skirting with higher R-values can significantly enhance your camper’s energy efficiency. In colder climates, the insulation provided by higher R-value skirting helps retain heat inside the RV, reducing the workload on your heating system and saving on energy costs.

Climate Adaptability: R-values are more reliable indicators of how well the skirting material can adapt to varying climates. For RVers who travel to different regions with diverse weather conditions, choosing skirting with a substantial R-value ensures year-round comfort, regardless of the temperature outside.

Cost-Effectiveness: While skirting options without R-values may seem more affordable initially, investing in R-value skirting can lead to significant long-term savings on energy expenses. It pays off in the long run, especially if you frequently travel to regions with extreme temperatures.

Factors Affecting R-Values in RV Skirting

Material Quality: Different skirting materials offer varying R-values. For instance, insulated panels made of foam or rigid materials generally have higher R-values compared to lightweight fabrics.

Thickness: The thickness of the skirting material influences its R-value. Thicker materials tend to provide better insulation and, therefore, higher R-values.

Sealing and Installation: Proper installation and sealing of the skirting are critical to achieving the desired R-value. Gaps or improperly sealed edges can compromise the skirting’s effectiveness and reduce its insulation capabilities.


When it comes to choosing the right RV skirting, focusing on R-values rather than temperature ratings is essential for optimizing your camper’s energy efficiency and overall comfort. Skirting with R-values offers better insulation, adaptability to different climates, and long-term cost-effectiveness. Remember to consider the skirting material, thickness, and installation quality to ensure you select the best option for your RV.

By prioritizing R-values, you’ll enjoy a cozy and energy-efficient home on wheels, making your journeys even more enjoyable, regardless of the temperature outside.

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