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RV Security

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Many of us live in small spaces. We may have downsized to get to where we are. We have learned that living with less is best. However, downsizing does not mean we do not have valuables. While living in an RV, or Tiny Home, we sometimes need to get creative on protecting our belongings and adding RV Security.

Do you remember the saying, “out of sight, out of mind”? If people do not see what you possess, it will be very difficult for them to want to take something that does not belong to them. I often suggest that our customers leave their insulated skirting on all year long. Not only does the insulated skirting help your unit stay cooler in the hot months and warmer in the cold months, but it also provides a nice storage space for your belongings. The velcro closure on our skirting panels gives you easy access to your belongings underneath. 

RV Security Using Door Lock Replacements

RVLock sold by Amazon

Some of our customers are switching out the locks on their RV doors. A popular company many resort to is RVLock. They sell this keyless entry lock that many recommend. Personally, I tend to lose my keys. I found them in the freezer once, but that’s beside the point. I love the use of a keypad and it is great for my kids, also. While keypads may not be the most secure option, I also do not know if the RV manufacturer uses the same key for several units. 

RV Security Using Alarm Systems

Next, let’s look at a more affordable option? Here is an economic alarm system.

Before we installed these in our RV, we were stationed in Pensacola for a few months. My husband had training on base and I was at the RV park alone for days (and nights) on end. I became uncomfortable around someone in the area. As a result, I picked up window alarms and they were simple to attach to my screen door, windows, and walls. Certainly, the sound the alarms put off could be heard throughout the whole park. It comforted me to know that if someone tried to get into our fifth wheel, I would definitely hear it. The alarms were somewhat programmable and I learned how to use them very easily. In addition, we have a daughter with autism, and these also alert me if she were to exit the unit without us. Furthermore, you could install these on your side compartments! 

Window Alarms sold by Amazon

RV Security Using a Ring System

Ring Floodlight Sold by Amazon

Additionally, you may wish to consider a video monitoring setup. The RING system has become popular in recent years. This flood light cam can light up the path and also allow you to see who is in your vicinity. You need to determine if you want to install this on your RV (risk moisture or electrical issues) or put it on a nearby object. If you have WI-FI access, this may work for you. If you are in a crowded campground, your notifications may activate frequently.

Stay alert

Basically, keeping an eye on your surroundings is beneficial when RVing. We like to leave our lights on at night. Our dogs are great at alerting us to critters and humans outside our RV. We alternate our schedules and habits, trying not to get in such a routine that our coming and going is predictable. There are many resources available today for us, these are just few ideas. We may need to get creative in some ways, but there is nothing wrong with that. I hope these suggestions help give you confidence and keep your property secure.

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Hayley Hand


Hayley and her husband, Chase, lived full time in their RV while Chase served in the military. They currently have a fifth wheel and are excited to make more memories with their four kids, wherever the roads may lead.

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