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R-Skirt Product Launch

At The Skirting Company, we have designed the simplest-to-install and best-quality RV Skirting kit on the market! As a full-time family, we understand the importance of RV skirting and were blown away by how much custom skirting costs. We tried but couldn’t get behind the idea of having tarps or insulation boards that you throw away when you move.

In 2017, we started traveling, custom making, and installing the traditional skirting because we knew there was a need and always enjoy taking care of our RV Community! We quickly understood the cost behind it all and set out on an adventure to create a product that was simple to install, and budget-friendly, while continuing to be durable. We listened to you, our fellow RV’ers, and came up with something that all full-time RV’ers can install themselves and get years of use without the high cost!

We made the R-Skirt system more durable, upped the quality of the material, and didn’t get greedy about our profit!

We are just one full-time family that is looking out for another!

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