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Our skirting is based on the length of the RV as stated by the manufacturer. If this is entered wrong, you may not get enough material. (Your model number does NOT indicate the length of your camper, so please DO NOT use this for measurements)

If you are not sure about the length, use this tool to search for your RV specifications.

Travel trailers are measured from bumper to hitch.

Pricing includes tax and shipping


We make it EASY for you to stay cozy in the winter with our DIY Skirting Kit. It includes everything you would need to install our 18oz single-layer skirting.

The kit includes everything you would need: panels, the track with 3M adhesive, cleaning, and primer agents, track cutters, snaps, snap tools, velcro, screw, etc.

If you want to see how easy our skirting is to install and all that is included, check out this video.

The standard skirt is 18oz, 22mil PVC coated vinyl. It is a wind skirt that provides the barrier but has no insulation value. It is UV-protected, flame-retardant, and mold-resistant.
Our insulated R-Skirt is 6 layers, 4 layers of that being foam. This insulated version provides an insulation value of R-7 and is UV-protected, flame-retardant, and mold-resistant. The temperature rating is -2 to -11.

Side Panel Dimensions: 96″ x 61″ (8′ x 5′)

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