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Gift Ideas For Full-time RV Families

10 Gift Ideas for Families that Fulltime

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‘Tis the season for gift-giving and often times more clutter!

Living in an RV fulltime means limited space. Most families who are living fulltime are also doing it to live a simple lifestyle with less stuff.

So what in the world do you get those people for Christmas or birthdays??

Well as a former fulltime family ourselves with 3 kids, here are our recommendations.

  1. Gift cards– We LOVE getting gift cards to our favorite restaurants, clothing stores, movies, museums, anywhere really!
  2. Memberships– An annual membership to all the Nationals Parks is something all traveling families need. This saves money and the hassle of needing to buy a park pass to every park you want to see.
  3. Kindle– Books are HEAVY when you have a lot of them and they also take up space. But having a kindle allows multiple books on one small device.
  4. Camera– Living and traveling in an RV is something that not many people have the ability to do (or the guts) but it is for sure a life-changing experience. And we LOVE to document it through pictures. Even our children enjoy taking their own pictures and it is pretty cool to see the experience through their eyes.
  5. Camping chairs– The chairs get worn out fairly quickly with all the use and if you are buying children a smaller chair, well you know how fast kids grow! How cute are these kids’ black bear camping chairs?

  6. Hiking gear– Many families enjoy going out and exploring. A good pair of hiking boots or sandals, a backpack to carry snacks are always a necessity for being adventurous. Here is a water bottle that filters water while on the go. This is GREAT to have if you are hiking and come across a lake or stream. You can fill up your water and drink it without having to worry about the bacteria in the water.
  7. Grill– I have to admit, it gets old lighting a fire and trying to keep it burning. Not to mention some states are very dry and often establish fire bans. Having a grill comes in handy when wanting to cook food and entertain new friends you meet along the way.
  8. Instapot– This is a great gift for the cook in the family. The Instapot allows for quick and easy meals and with its multiuse function, it eliminates the needs for a crockpot, rice cooker, several pots and pans, etc.
  9. Bikes or Scooters– These are great for families who enjoy biking. Be sure to get a bike rack so the family can haul the bikes wherever they go. We bought this RV bumper adapter that mounts to the bumper of our camper and then you can use a regular hitch bike rack. If you get scooters, pick these Razors that have the bigger wheels. We found that on the smaller wheeled scooters, every little pebble on the road would cause our kids to suddenly stop and send them crashing to the ground. We had no issues with the bigger wheeled ones.
  10. Inflatable Kayaks– yes there is such a thing! And I have heard they are AWESOME!

    As a family who loves kayaking, if we ever hit the road fulltime, these will be something we purchase. What better way to explore the bodies of water without needing to store hard-shell kayaks?

Well, there you have my top 10 gift ideas for families who live fulltime in their RV! I would love to hear what your favorites are or what other gift ideas you may have!

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