Seedlings planted in small containers.

Gardening in Small Spaces

Prices at the grocery store are skyrocketing. When we make a purchase, we can not pronounce half the ingredients. Who knows what is entering our bodies? These are concerns many people have, including those living in Tiny Homes or RVs. What is the solution? Garden in your small space!

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Meet an RVer Who Gardens

Deb has lived in an RV for 18 months. She loves parking in Florida during the winter and stays in Indiana in the summer to be near her grandchildren and family. She grows fresh vegetables and strives to eat 100% whole foods and a plant-based diet. Deb prefers to consume Organic and Non-GMO foods. Growing her food helps Deb reach these goals.

Growing Zones

Deb travels throughout the eastern United States. While in different climates, Deb grows many things. Research your location’s growing zone (find your zone here). The growing zone assists you in determining what to plant and when to do so. For instance, when Deb travels to Indiana in the summer, she harvests spinach, kale, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, beets, turnips, radishes and squashes. In the winter, Deb grows cool weather vegetables, like kale and spinach, in Florida. She also starts her tomato plants in Florida before traveling north for the summer.

Gardening Supplies

How can you grow food while you travel? Do not let excuses like mess or space prevent you from gardening. No matter your space allotment, container gardening is your friend! There are all sorts of options at your disposal. Deb loves her Stalk system. Overall, there are many container options. Collapsable fabric growing bags store easily and do not take up much space. Potato grow bags have openings near the bottom to gather your spuds. You can even repurpose yogurt containers and other materials for your plants. Different containers may help you grow more than you thought possible.

A family-owned company in the United States manufactures the GreenStalk Vertical Planter in Tennessee. This planter requires less space, grows a variety of produce, and is relatively maintenance free. GreenStalks can be emptied and stacked to transport from location to location. While there are different planter options with GreenStalk, any one you choose can help put fresh food on your plate. Use this link (here) to save $10 on your purchase of $75 or more!

What You Need

Seeds or Plant Starts

You will want to begin your gardening journey with quality seeds or plant starts. Remember to research your growing zone which will help determine what plants you will want. Seed companies like Baker Creek (Deb’s preferred seed supplier), Johnny’s, Pine Tree, and MIGardner offer quality products to their customers.


Unless you plan on growing your produce hydroponically, you will want to have quality soil for your plants. While Amazon sells potting soil, you may want to look at local greenhouses. The local companies may offer bits of advice that work in your area.

Check Your Surroundings

Undoubtedly, gardening is a worthwhile adventure. To protect your investment and your precious plants, you will want to ensure the plants are able to get adequate sunlight. Also, look around at any animals that may make a snack of your plants. Deer, rabbits, and groundhogs can destroy the best of gardens quickly. Subsequently, you may want to plant some flowers with your vegetables to attract pollinators.

What to Expect

Deb initially started her garden to put nutritious food on her plate. It has been an enjoyable endeavor for her and provides delicious results. Gardening has also introduced her to the campground neighbors and other guests. Many people stop to admire her setup and ask questions.

When you get your garden going, expect to yield great things for you and your family to eat. Perhaps you will even meet a few friends while you are at it.

Hayley Hand


Hayley and her husband, Chase, lived full-time in their RV while Chase served in the military. They have a fifth-wheel bunkhouse and are excited to make more memories with their four kids, wherever the roads may lead.

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